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Rieger Kloss 123 Exclusive

Rieger Kloss 123 Exclusive

Made in the Czech Republic, highly quality Rieger Kloss 123 Exclusive upright piano. Dynamic, beautifully balanced from the bass to treble, suit intermediate to advanced musicians. High gloss black finish.

OUR PRICE: £3500.00 

Ref: LSM200

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Tuned to A440, the action and keyboard have been fully serviced and regulated by our in-house piano technician, so you can trust it's ready to go, no hidden snags.

Free delivery in local area, nationwide delivery available.

Please contact us for a viewing, by appointment only.

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Diapason Upright

Preloved Diapason upright piano (c1977), manufactured in Japan (by Kawai), excellent condition. High quality, responsive action, with a clear, rich tone.

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Rieger Kloss 118 Moderna

Exceptional quality, preloved Rieger Kloss upright piano (c1980s), excellent condition inside and out. Clear, rich tone and responsive action, suitable for intermediate to advanced players.

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Kawai Upright DS-60

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August Förster (1976)

Pre-loved, German made, August Förster upright piano (c1976). High quality, fantastic feel and lovely tone, perfect for intermediate to advanced players.

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Yamaha UX3

Superb Yamaha UX3 upright piano, made in Japan (c1976), fully refurbished by Yamaha. Ready for a new home, suit intermediate to advanced players looking for a dynamic instrument that really responds to your playing. High gloss black finish.

Price: £ 4250.00

Ref: LSM188

Yamaha U1

Yamaha U1 upright piano (c1997), brilliant condition inside and out. High gloss black polyester finish. Superb workhorse for intermediate to advanced musicians. Part exchange welcome.

Price: £ 4500.00

Ref: LSM167


As new, high quality Ibach upright piano made in Germany, very rare in this colour. Superb to play, recommended viewing.

Price: £ 5995.00

Ref: LSM151

Bechstein Upright

Made in 1986, German built, finished in black high gloss polyester with a unique cabinet style, excellent condition inside and out.

Price: £ 6995.00